A few new photos have appeared of what we believe is the new LG Prada K2 phone. We first saw a render of the Prada back in July and at some point I saw the blurriest video ever of it too. Today we have some clear photos to give you all a better idea of what to expect with the new LG Prada K2 Android smartphone.

According to the tipster they are calling it the LG Prada P940 but most likely that is the internal codename. We’ve seen reports of an unknown LG P930 rocking a 1280 x 720p display so its fair to assume the new Prada P940 K2 will have the same fate. What we do know, is it sports a 4.3″ NOVA display, an unknown dual-core processor most likely the 1.5 GHz we’ve seen from Qualcomm as of late. A 8 megapixel camera around the back with a 1.3 MP front shooter for video chat.

From the images above you can clearly see the phone has an extremely thin design. If this is a final version it has a few odd buttons on top. We see a power button, 3.5mm headphone jack, some sort of lock toggle switch and then another unknown round button. With names like the Prada and RAZR making their way back into play I’m starting to wonder when we’ll see the LG Chocolate 4G LTE, but that is just me thinking out loud. The Prada K2 will be powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread and is said to be headed to market this quarter, although a US release is not known at this point. We’ll update when we see more.

[via Phone Arena]