We all expected more phones coming out of LG this year as they’ve only just started their venture into Android. We have what appears to be possibly the remaining phones for the 2011 line-up. These are all renders from what I’m hearing and a few look pretty nice. The first name that caught my eye was the LG Prada K2. Does anyone remember the original LG Prada? Here’s our review from 2007 on SlashGear. (Blast from the past)

Does it look familiar? Prada (left) and the new LG Victor (right) are both pretty high end devices with the Prada K2 taking charge. The Prada looks similar to the original I linked to above but don’t worry it will be running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and be dual-core. Its said to be sporting a 4.3″ HD NOVA Display, have a 8MP shooter on the rear and 1.3 MP on the front. Being a Prada it will be a fancy and fashionable design and have a Prada-inspired back cover. We can expect to see it around or during the holiday season.

Next is the LG Victor and it may not be as powerful as the Prada K2 but it’s no slouch either. It comes powered by a modest 1 Ghz processor with a 3.8″ display. It is what I’d call a higher end mid-range phone since you need a dual-core to play with the big boys now it’s 2011. It should also come rocking Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 5MP rear camera as well as VGA front.

Next we have the NFC-capable LG Gelato (above) and it looks just like the Optimus Net but will be packing an NFC chip inside. NFC is rather new to the scene but higher end phones like the Galaxy S II or the Nexus S 4G had it on board, not a lower end phone like the Gelato. I know Gelato is similar to Froyo but this phone will indeed come with Android 2.3 Gingerbread as well as a 3.2″ display, 3MP camera and a measly 800 Mhz CPU.

There was a brief mention of an LG Univa that might end up being the LG Optimus Two but we’ll reserve that judgement for you. This leak also showed a Windows Phone 7 device or two but those don’t really concern us. I personally like the idea and look of the Prada K2 as long as they get the bottom bezel a little smaller. More details are at the source link below.

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