Two Korean publications, PlusNews and Etnews are suggesting that LG is planning to release a $200 (USD) mass market phone that’s got built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities and goes by the name of LG Pecan. Cute! A strange turn in both stories is that this phone will be running Android 2.2, which, as you know, does not include native support for NFC. On the other hand, both publications say they do have a direct line to LG – which I don’t think is too far out of reality to be true, so let’s listen in!

The following quote comes from Etnews:

LG’s Pecan, another prospective ten-million seller, is unveiled at MWC 2011, too. The manufacturer is planning to set its price lower than that of the Optimus One. “Though the Pecan has a somewhat downgraded display panel and processor, it will be a decent smart phone nonetheless, employing the Android 2.2 and NFC and enabling its users to browse the web fast enough and enjoy social networking services to the full,” said the electronics giant. It continued, “It will beef up our presence in the popular market and help us win over high-end customers in the long term.”

This would make this phone one of the first to have full support for NFC, the market for which is just opening up as we type. Take a peek back at the following posts for more NFC news!
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[Via Near Field Communications World]


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