Near Field Communications or NFC has a lot of promise for everything from allowing you to pay using your phone to getting the shopper information on products and lots more. New apps for NFC on the Android platform are starting to surface and two of the first are Taglet and Enable.

Taglet is a Japanese language NCF tag reader that allows users to associate existing data with a tag and hold it in an online database. That means after the tag is read by the next person, the data is pulled up along with it to give more details and get around the Gingerbread read only limitation.

Another NFC app is EnableTable and it was developed in the US. The app allows restaurant owners to give out discount vouchers to customers when they pay to help get them to come back into the eatery. The coupons are delivered by the little folder that holds the users change or credit card to their NFC enabled Android device.

Via NFC World


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