Take a peek at this, an Android phone that’s basically free, runs Android 2.2.1, and wont take up more than a tiny wallet’s worth of space in your pocket. This is the LG Optimus V, the other-toned relative of the LG Optimus U which we’ve already taken a look at a few months ago. This phone is surprisingly similar, it’s hardware essentially exactly the same save for the coloring (this one’s black where that one’s blue,) with a spiffy new box made to be sold off the shelves in stores all day long.

First Impressions

The box that this phone comes in lets us know what we’re in store for – a phone that although might have been an OK experience when we saw it carried on US Cellular (Optimus U), is now a rock and roll super experience made to kick its brothers and sisters all around the town. Inside the box we get a few books so we know what we’re dealing with, a few cords just incase we didn’t have them already, and a spiffy handset that, if you’re new to Android, might totally impress you with its power in such a small package.

This isn’t the type of phone you upgrade to if you’ve already used an Android product. Instead, it’s the perfect package to be given to a person who’s used feature phones their whole life, or maybe even someone who’s never used a cellphone before! It’s hardware is extremely simple to understand, and the Android system inside is free from too many frills, making the whole situation free of fret.


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Take a look at the unboxing of this phone to see what sort of experience the folks at Virgin Mobile are presenting to you. This isn’t your everyday carrier package that’s meant to be held under the counter while the salespeople do the talking, no way! This is a package that almost swallows the phone whole it’s so loud and expressive. Slashes and blasts of color here and there and every little bit of information you’d ever want on the phone printed on the outside of the package.

Does the phone live up to the whirlwind of pop-art presence? If the LG Optimus U was any indication, it totally depends on what you’re expecting. If you expected a full fantastic top of the line experience with the U, you’ll be sorely disappointed. If you expected a fully functioning but somewhat limited in scope by its screen size and tiny processor – you’ll be in for a treat!

Check out the video and the pics and prepare yourself for a full review soon!