Earlier this month we reported that LG was all set to start rolling out Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the LG Optimus 3D full of enhancements and 3D specific improvements. That update was started yesterday the 21st and should be hitting Optimus 3D handsets everywhere right now and all week.

3D glasses are “not included” because we don’t need them here with this glasses-free dual-core powered 3D smartphone (see our review). According to many users that are finally starting to get the update over on XDA Developers the update doesn’t actually seem all that different. The announcement from LG said the device would see some major enhancements to 3D but so far we aren’t hearing about anything too special.

Either way the update is available now and should be rolling out to handsets over the next few days. As usual you can manually pull the update by going to settings > about phone and manually checking for updates. For those not wanting to wait even for that the XDA thread in the source link below has full instructions for the latest OTA for many different regions. Not to mention download files, and even the one-click root method that also works for the newest Android 2.3 on the Optimus 3D. So enjoy those Gingerbread cooking in full 3D while you wait for some Ice Cream Sandwich.

Let us know how the update goes in the comments below — Enjoy!

[device id=74]

[via XDA Developers]


  1. By the time my unlocked LG Optimus 3d phone purchased in UK, gets an update from LG in Australia, I will be retired. Purchasing an LG phone was a mistake, should have stuck on with HTC. They are obviously very poor in software development for mobile phones, hence the delay and half hearted approach. it is 2nd week of Dec 2011 and still no update.

    The so called ICS update by LG will take half a decade to reach. I have finally decide that this phone belongs in the bin, it is HTC Sensation XE for me now. Bye Bye LG for a ridiculous user experience.

    • Connect it to a computer and use the LG suite to update it. I’ve been running 2.3.5 for about a month now and had to use PC to update it as phone never found update

  2. Still no updates since LG sucks!
    Since it update in November on 2.2, my Phone just been acting stupid. would even prefer to downgrade. and this Ginger cake wotever they call it is never coming till I retire may be in 30 years!

  3. Been running 2.3.5 for about a month now and my phone is less stable now however I just got a update available on the Lg suite so maybe this will fix stability. Anyone know what this latest update is and what it fixes?

  4. i already updated  my optimus 3d bt it still says i got ze version 2.2.2 bt wen i try to update it again it says i got the v10b

  5. How can I upgrade my mobile to android 2.3 ?? I installed the LG_Suite or that software, and it appears that there are no new updates…. 

  6. how do i update mine to gingerbread? mine just says that the current version ( which is 2.2.2 version ) is the latest version ….how do i update..

    does not having the sim card in the phone disable the update?


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