Early this month I mentioned that, the update for the Optimus 3D smartphone from LG was rolling out in Europe to bring the smartphone up to Android 2.3. That rollout didn’t happen and is just now set to come out. LG has announced as of today that the 2.3 Gingerbread update is bringing with it some nice new updates for the smartphone including better network speed and a lot more.

The 2.3 update was optimized for the Optimus 3D and has tweaks for enhanced power management, new advanced copy and paste, as well as UI tweaks. The update adds enhanced HSPA+ for faster packet data services allowing downloads up to 21Mbps. The device also gets enriched 3D with a new 3D video editor and full-screen UI preview.

The update brings improved multimedia with 2D video stabilization and faster gallery activation. That video stabilization will make it easier for users to shoot clear and steady video in 2D mode. The power tweaks will allow longer MP3 playback time and more. The update will roll out in Europe in the week of November 21 with other markets coming online through the end of the year.


    • I think that it will be released on the web so as soon as it is out you can still update to Gingerbread over the internet. Schweet

  1. so where is the update? i am with rogers here in canada and i bet the update won’t be out until next year. They are by far the worse for putting out updates. My dell streak and samsung captivate were months after the others in the world when it came to updates and i imagine this time will be no different. Any info on when Rogers will update our phones? Please say soon…lol   i was so excited when i read this post….not so much now though…..lol

    • If you download the LGmobile update for your computer it checks for updates for your phone. I am on rogers too and the UK will be getting the update tomorrow, so it should be available tomorrow.

  2. LG in the UK told me the update would be on the 5th of december, I checked this morning and it told me there was an update so i went ahead with it, I checked the ‘about phone’ section in settings after the update and it still said 2.2.2, LG mobile update software is still telling me there is an update available but when i vclick ‘start updating’ it does checks and tells me i already have the newest version!? LG PC suite says there are no updates, yet mobile update software says there is an update! I’m thinking there’s a problem with the LG updating in the UK at least!

  3. I check every day and still haven’t found the update and i live in UK where according to this article should have been released last month. Where is the update? i am really regretting buying this phone.

  4. I’m still having the one piece of software telling me there’s an update and the other telling me I already have the newest version. LG customer support told me “LG are aware of the problem of some handsets not updating.

    At this point we suggest that you patiently bear with us as we try and rectify this issue.

    know this is inconveniencing and frustrating , and we apologize for
    this. We would like to assure our customers that we are working really
    hard to get this update to all compatible handsets.

    I hope this
    has been of some assistance to you please do not hesitate in contacting
    us again should you require any further advice.”

    I’m sorry i went from my iphone to this, thinking sell this and buy another iphone to be honest!

  5. This phone sucks . is is forever switching off and back on. never had updates for it cos none have been available. lg mad the phone sold it sn then left its customers high and dry.t mobile wouldnt change it cos i had it for 10 days. so im going back to apple as soon as this contract is up


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