We’ve been hearing about the LG Lucid (AKA the LG Cayman) on and off for the last few weeks, most notably that it’s due in Verizon stored next Thursday, March 29th. The leaked specifications for the phone were tentative and somewhat incomplete, but Droid-Life managed a peek at some internal documentation that seems to confirm most of the important stuff. The package shows a phone on the upper end of the mid-range, or at least Verizon’s equivalent, which is about $150-200 for LTE devices. Sadly, there’s still no official price for the upcoming phone.

The Lucid runs on a respectable 1.2Ghz dual-core processor of unspecified origin, 8GB of internal storage, and Android 2.3 – no doubt with a promise to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich some time in the future. (Hey LG Spectrum owners: how’s that coming along?) the 4-inch 800×480 screen is a bit smaller than average these days, but should make for a more pocketable device. The “NOVA” display touted in a previous leak seems to be fancy marketing speak for an IPS-LCD, not that we’re complaining – LG’s screens have some of the best color accuracy out there, even if they’re not quite as bright as AMOLED. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass.

There’s a surprisingly large 1700mAh battery crammed in there, the better to make use of the Lucid’s 4G LTE connection between charges. That makes the phone bulge to a slightly chunky 11.4 millimeters, but its footprint is still relatively small for a phone with a 4-inch screen. One thing notably missing from the list is a MicroSD card slot, something that I’d consider absolutely essential on a device with just 8GB of storage. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there (insert standard “fat lady sings” warning here) but it doesn’t fill me with confidence, either. Unless Verizon has switched up its release schedule, expect the Lucid to get an official unveiling next week.