The Lucid has been carefully avoiding our gaze for weeks now, but PocketNow managed to snag a shot of the Verizon-bound LG phone previously known as the Cayman. As expected, it’s a mid-range Gingerbread phone with the notable addition of 4G LTE. There’s no verification from either LG or Verizon, but it looks like this one’s headed our way on March 29th. While specs are short, speculation isn’t: we expect this one to slide in under the LG Spectrum for between $150 and $200 with a two-year contract.

The screen is expected to be a 4-inch, 480×800 NOVA display, with the extra acronym indicating a whopping 700 nits of brightness – more than double the standard. The 1.2Ghz dual-core processor is paired with a respectable 1GB of RAM. A 5MP camera on the back gets extra points for 1080p recording, and though we’re not sure how much internal space it has, but given LG’s design tendencies it almost certainly has a MicroSD card slot as well.

The design seems pretty pedestrian: a basic slate layout with physical buttons, though we’re glad to see that it gets the full four, unlike the Spectrum. The big draw here will likely be LTE speeds at a cheaper price than Verizon’s current crop of “superphones”. Based on that, you could classify the Lucid as a replacement for the Revolution. Verizon obviously didn’t include the Lucid in its list of upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades, but we’d say it’s probably coming eventually. Now if only we could get a good look at the DROID Fighter…


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