In addition to the smartphone announcements, LG has also made some smaller announcements. Of which, one is actually being touted as the “world’s smallest.” This one happens to be the LG WCP-300 Wireless Charger. Another item being shown off is the flip cover case for the Optimus G Pro handset. We recently spent a few minutes checking out each of these while on the show floor here at Mobile World Congress.

Up first is the wireless charger, and well, it is small in size. The charger actually measures in at 69.8mm (2.75-inches) by 11.9mm (0.47-inches). The actual charging area is 18mm x 18mm (0.71-inches). The charger will be available in black and/or white and is Qi compatible and available for use with a standard microUSB cable.


What can we really say here, if you are into wireless charging and happen to have a Nexus 4 or Spectrum 2, the WCP-300 wireless charger may be what you are looking for. As for the small size, this should be a nice option to have while on the road as it will take little space in your gear bag and on the hotel tables. One catch though, LG has yet to announce a price.

Moving away from the wireless charger and over to the Optimus G Pro case. This one is dubbed the G Pro Quick Cover and according to LG, will have a fine grip, stylish design and be able to offer protection for the display. This is a folio style cover which will likely seem familiar for those who have used the Samsung flip covers. That is to say the G Pro Quick Cover will replace the battery cover with the front folding over to protect the display. This G Pro Quick Cover will be available in a few colors to include black and white as well as yellow, pink and blue.