LG recently announced new variants of the G6. The flagship phone is getting new colors and the Plus version complete with 128GB onboard storage. We’ve started getting excited for the G7 which is believed to be revealed earlier than usual and now it’s here, also ready with LG Pay. As for the G6, new colors are available: Mystic White, Marine Blue, Optical Astro Black, and Terra Gold.

Mobile consumers now have more choices. Choose any color you like or if you want more memory, you can get the version with 128GB storage. That is a lot of space so you won’t always run low in memory. The phone also works with the B & O earphone plus a new wireless charging function. As for the entry-level G6, it’s getting a software update that brings more features and enhancements.

The next update due this July will include better security option with Face Print tech for the G6. Features are made more user-friendly and convenient too like Covered Lens and Low Power Consumption. Meanwhile, the Plus version will also have the same features plus a more premium audio quality and more storage. The facial recognition technology lets you just show your face for the system to identify you.

The LG G6 32GB is said to be 799,800 KRW ($705) while the G6+ costs 999,800 KRW ($440). The LG G6 and G6+ will be out soon but there’s no mention when exactly.