JerryRigEverything is the guy to trust when you need to know if a new phone is durable or not. Stress tests by Zack Nelson usually have him scratching, burning, and bending mobile devices. Aside from How2Tech’s test, here is Zack’s version. As usual, this one shows how well the smartphones are made or are going to hold up. Fresh from the Moto G5 Durability Test, this one for the LG G6 is expected to show the excellent quality of the phone.

Scratch Test

Starting off with a Scratch Test, the LG G6 only scratched at Level 6 which is normal for most tempered Gorilla Glass 3 displays. You won’t see any physical home button. The logo is found near the bottom and is covered by glass so naturally, it won’t scratch off.

The camera is at the front is protected by the same Gorilla Glass so it’s also scratch-resistant. You won’t see any parts protruding as the phone is slim and design is very clean. The only problem we can think of is when you put the device face fown on a tile or countertop, it will easily scratch. Screen is hard but it won’t hurt if you get a phone case.

The fingerprint scanner scratches easily but it still works perfectly. Some other areas of the phone prove they have mostly metal and not plastic.

Burn Test

The phone screen turns off at six seconds under a burning fire which is fast compared to the usual 8 to 15 seconds on other phones.

Bend Test

The LG G6 is definitely durable. Bending the rear glass doesn’t have any effect as the design and build give strengt to the phone. The solid metal frame makes the phone a winner so it doesn’t flex. Bending from the back yields no problem as well.

The LG G6 has passed Zack Nelson’ stress tests. LG definitely did it right this time.

SOURCE: JerryRigEverything