It’s that time of year again when companies try to show just how financially successful, or at least stable, they are, and LG is no different. But somewhere in between the numbers and money talk, LG has let slip a vague release date for the LG G3, confirming talks of a second quarter reveal.

That date might be cutting it a bit too close and would be unusual given LG’s previous schedules. The LG Optimus G, which could be considered the granddaddy of LG’s premium line, was announced in September 2012 and launched in October. Almost half a year later in February 2013, the Optimus G Pro was unveiled, though it went to market much later in May. The LG G2 was shown first to the public in August of that year and was made available for purchase in September. The LG G Pro 2 was just recently given the spotlight and hasn’t even hit shelves yes, at least not in the US.

Given that timeline, it would be surprising if LG does anything major soon, but that seems to be exactly the case. According to its own press release, the company is expecting higher revenues this second quarter due to the release of the LG G3, which hasn’t happened yet, and wider launch of L Series III, of which the L90 was the first. Perhaps market trends are forcing LG’s hand to make an earlier than usual release. Given that April is all but over, we’re anticipating hearing the official word by June, with May being a generous estimate.

While we are, of course, quite anxious to see what LG has in store for its fans and users, we do wonder how much time the company had to iterate over the LG G3’s features. We will most likely see the best of the best hardware, but the question is how it would differentiate itself from the recent G Pro 2. The latest leaked photo revealed a slightly revamped rear buttons plus the existence of what may be some sort of sensor, which would match current market trends. Will the LG G3 have something truly unique to offer or will its very early launch force it to simply have features that its competitors already have. If LG stays true to its own timeline, we’ll have at least a month to find out.

[UPDATE] At a financial press conference in Korea, LG has just been quoted to have said that the LG G3 will be coming by the May, so we might get to see what LG is cooking up much sooner.