The rumor ball has begun rolling for LG‘s next big hit and this time we’re getting what is supposedly a sneak peak at of the LG G3’s back. This blurry photo doesn’t really take away much of the mystery and in facts adds even more questions to our list.

The LG G Pro 2 is just but a few months old and yet the mobile world is already obsessing about LG’s next flagship. Naturally, at this stage, the smartphone is rumored to sport the best of the best, including a QHD display. This last one supposedly has Samsung shaking in fear, fueling rumors of a premium version of the Galaxy S5 called, unimaginatively, the Galaxy S5 Prime.

This latest leaked photo has our attention turned towards the back of the device, which looks quite familiar yet at the same time different. LG still has those rear buttons there, and why would they change such a distinctive feature. However, the design of those buttons have been modified a bit, now sporting a more curved outline instead of the blocky shape that debuted on the LG G2. Also notable is another hole beside the camera. Speculations about its nature include a second flash, though its placing then would be a bit novel, or a sensor of some sort. It would surprise us not one bit if it turned out to be some sort of heart rate sensor, but we do hope to be pleasantly surprised.

It would definitely be a surprise, pleasant or otherwise, if LG announces the G3 already in May, as some rumors hold. Given how close it would be to the unveiling of the G Pro 2, which is a reputable smartphone itself, it is more likely that the LG G3 would see first light around August or so, which would also mark the first anniversary of its LG G2 predecessor.