There are always some issues when dealing with device sales figures. To begin with, there is the bit about whether they are actually sold, or just shipped. The former means the device has reached a users hands and the latter means the manufacturer shipped the device and it is sitting on a shelf waiting to reach a customer. Aside from needing that distinction, there is also the difference between analyst reports and numbers direct from the manufacturer.

In this case we are looking at numbers from analyst reports. The handset in question is the LG G2 and it looks like the handset may have topped the 3 million milestone. This figure comes by way of a recent Yonhap News report which cites sales of more than 3 million with 2 million coming during the fourth quarter. This fourth quarter estimate came along with an official report of the handset selling 1 million in August and September.

Further details from this report touch on how LG sold nearly 1 million of those in South Korea. Specifically, it was said LG sold 900,000 in South Korea. That number is expected to crest 1 million, but not until sometime during the first quarter of 2014. Otherwise, LG has yet to confirm the 3 million number, however they have said sales of the handset are “gathering ground smoothly.”

“Although we cannot reveal specific data, the sales of (the LG G2) is gathering ground smoothly,”

The LG G2 made a decent splash in terms of launch excitement. Those thinking back will likely remember some talk about the (then) unique button placement. The LG G2 has the buttons sitting centered on the back, just below the camera lens. In other LG G2 related news, there has been talk of a 4.7-inch mini model, as well as a delay of the international Kit Kat rollout. And on more of a positive note, the LG G2 also made the Consumer Report top ten list for 2013.

VIA: phoneArena