Not all phones are fortunate enough to have a long run at life such as the Nexus One or the original Motorola Droid. Phones get old, get replaced and eventually discontinued by carriers and it appears a few of those entry level LG phones on Verizon will soon be discontinued.

Better known as the LG Optimus One line, the LG Vortex on Verizon Wireless will soon be discontinued as well as a few other mid-range phones from the big red carrier such as the LG Ally. They do mention a few other non android phones like the Blackberry Storm 2 and such but those don’t really concern us all that much.

If you remember back when Gingerbread was coming LG said it had a 1 Ghz CPU spec and they would not update the Optimus One line to Gingerbread, but later changed the story. Latest reports said the Optimus One would get Gingerbread by Spring. The Optimus One line is not discontinued yet on Verizon but is up next so you better hurry and get one if you wanted a nice mid-range Android offering on big red.

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