Lenovo Smart Display Update

We only know of a few smart displays available but we believe the era of smart home appliances is about to begin. From smart speakers to smart displays, the Lenovo Smart Display has potential in the market that isn’t saturated yet. Lenovo revealed the Smart Display back in January but it was only last June when the device was made available to the public. If you happen to own one, good news because Lenovo has just posted an important announcement.

The Lenovo Smart Display is being updated to a new version. If you’re on 3.63.43, then it’s already the latest one. Some of the new features include changes to the multi-room audio, Live Albums from Google Photos, Nest Hello Doorbell, and Home View. Several Google Assistant improvements are also available.

Your Smart Display from Lenovo can be added to a group of speakers around your house, thanks to the multi-room audio feature. When the device is on Ambient Mode, you can view albums from your Google Photos feed. Only the best images will be shown off automatically on your Lenovo Smart Display.

For more smart home enhancements, you can rely on the Home View to see and manage other smart home devices. View every device you have on a single dashboard. The Nest Hello Doorbell can be linked to your Lenovo Smart Display to show who is at your door. It also allows you to send a quick response.

Google Assistant on the Lenovo Smart Display can be used to control other products and services. TVs from Sharp, Philips, Sony, Hisense, Vizio, Sony, and Xiaomi can be used with the voice assistant which you can actually “talk to”. Other smart speakers, smart remotes, and set-top boxes are all welcome as well.

SOURCE: Lenovo