Lenovo has long entered the smart speaker game and it’s not giving up soon. The Lenovo Smart Display was one of the firsts. We can’t say it’s the most popular today but it definitely showed the industry how to start as a pioneer in Google Smart Displays. The product was offered with Google Assistant and Smart Display-type of controls to make smart home management and navigation easier. The device has received a new round of updates back in October and now it’s getting a follow-up in the form of the Lenovo Smart Clock.

This thing is not just an intelligent clock. We can still categorize it as a smart display or smart speaker. It comes with a built-in Google Assistant so you can talk to it and command the device to do things for you.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is just one of the smart living products available from the brand. It is meant for the bedroom because you need something that can really wake you up. If your smartphone isn’t good enough to wake you up in the morning, then maybe you need a “smarter clock”. And yes, this one from Lenovo could be an ideal solution.

The Lenovo Smart Clock allows you to manage your other smart home products and play your favorite music. It’s a small smart home gadget that joins the Lenovo Smart Home Essentials and the Lenovo Smart Display family.

Features of the smart clock include a small 4-inch IPS touchscreen, full fabric soft-touch cover, full-range 6W speaker, Dolby background noise reduction technology, multi-room functionality, and Chromecast support. Stream music and your favorite show onto the smart device as soon as you wake up. Check your calendar, agenda, reminders, weather, or the traffic as you start your today.

As with your smartphone alarm, you can easily snooze or dismiss the alarm on the Lenovo Smart Clock. Just make sure you really get up. Don’t blame the clock if you’re late for work or school.

Lenovo Smart Clock will be out this Spring in the United States with a $79.99 price tag.