Lenovo Smart Essentials

Lenovo must be really serious about making a difference in the smart home game as it continues to promote the Smart Display and add Smart Home Essentials. The latter is a new line of smart accessories that you guess it right, will connect to the Lenovo Smart Display. We know more gadgets will be introduced but initially, there are three new products that include the Lenovo Smart Bulb, Lenovo Smart Plug, and the Lenovo Smart Camera. While these are not exactly new ideas, we can expect them to be smarter than those available in the market.

The three new Lenovo Smart Home Essentials connect via WiFi. They work on IoT so it’s simpler and easier to connect and manage. All you need is one account to check your camera feed from anywhere.

Lenovo Smart Plug. A smart plug is one of the easiest ways to “get smart” at home. You only need to plug the adapter and use it with any home appliance you want to control. It is said to handle up to a maximum of 1,800W and 15A. This thing comes with a power button so you can control the device directly. It doesn’t use as much energy: only 1W when in use and 0.7W in standby mode.

Lenovo Smart Bulb. You can control the Lenovo Smart Bulb from the Lenovo Smart Display. Use the Google Assistant to voice your command if you’re too lazy to get up.

The Smart Bulb connects to the Lenovo Link app for easier control. The white 9W LED bulb is described with 800 lumens, 2700 to 6500 K color temperature, and has the power of a 60W incandescent bulb. The smart bulb can last long up to 15,000 hours.

Lenovo Smart Camera Phone

Lenovo Smart Camera. This one works as a 1080p security camera that can shoot 30fps video and audio. It looks like a robot it may remind you of BB-8 that actually keeps an eye on you. It allows 355-degree horizontal and 120-degree vertical panning. Videos captured are saved in the cloud. Access your Lenovo Link app on a mobile device or the Smart Display to view your camera feed.

These Lenovo Smart Home Essentials are priced starting at $29.99 for the Lenovo Smart Plug and Lenovo Smart Bulb. The Lenovo Smart Camera will be $99.99 when it arrives next year. Both the bulb and plug will be out in November.