Aside from virtual reality, this year is all about pushing forward smart home technology. It may not be as popular or fast-moving yet like VR but more OEMs and developers are accepting the idea that smart devices can rule the home. There’s ASUS introducing the Zenbo home robot, Xiaomi with the Mi Cube, and Google’s OnHub Router. Philips has always been busy with its smart lights and hue gen apps while Amazon offers the Echo and Alexa.

There are other smart devices available but we can only name a few. One of the latest brands to join the bandwagon is Lenovo who recently acquired Motorola. Actually, it’s been a while now since the deal was signed but it’s only this year that the two have started to work closely together. Aside from the Moto G4 family and the Moto Z Droid, Lenovo plans to launch smart home devices that will revolutionize how one uses gadgets outdoors and especially at home.

First idea to be shown off is a pair of smart rubber shoes. As described, the smart shoes can do data tracking for step counting and walking gesture, fitness competition and interactive games (gaming), health monitoring with the 3D scanner, and smart lighting. The smart shoes deliver health tips and can customize insoles while the smart lighting allows music interaction and foot movement controls.

Lenovo also published a video of how a connected home by Lenovo would look like and function.

To get inside the home, you need to look at a display panel that will scan your eyes. Once identified, door will be unlocked. Home owner talks to “Cookie” which we think is the virtual home assistant (or is that just the name of the friend?) that can play music and show video calls for communication. Inside the bathroom is a smart mirror that displays health data after a workout, and then can uploaded to the cloud.

Lenovo Connected Home Smart Home 5

You can view the weather information right on the display. There’s some sort of a VR headset that lets you do your online shopping. In this case, it’s shopping for a new watch band for the Moto 360. It’s augmented reality being put to good use. After shopping, you can check out that touch digital globe on the table that projects images so you’ll see the sun, moon, stars, and the planets right in your living room.

All these are concepts for now but at least we know Lenovo has a plan. Its teaming up with the Motorola Mobility division will definitely do the company good because there are more and smarter people now working together with one goal in mind. These are concepts so let’s wait and see if, when, and how Lenovo will make everything a reality.