We’re excited to see how big companies will work on the smart home arena. We’ve been saying that this will be the year of smart home tech so expect more related products and services to be introduced. Google has entered the industry with the OnHub Router that allows Device Sharing with guests and as a quick entry to one’s home. It works with a Google On companion app and runs on Chrome OS. It’s very Google all around.

This time, Google is proud to announce that it’s finally supporting IFTTT. Perhaps you’ve been hearing and reading about the term but don’t really know what it is. IFTTT ( pronounced as “ift”) is a revolutionary service that allows simple commands to control devices. It’s able to automate tasks once “Recipes” are prepared. IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. You can set a command for simple tasks so they are followed automatically. Simply put, if something is done, then a command will be followed automatically.

OnHub Router can support over a hundred devices at the same time. Your computer, smartphone, tablet, Chromecast, Nest thermostat, speakers, or lights at home can be connected. You can also keep track of other people and set to receive notifications about their activities or if someone or something connects to or from your OnHub.

IFTTT follows those Recipes set by the users. They’re so easy to do. Simply register an account at IFTTTT.com, login, and then connect to the OnHub channel. There are numerous channels available but make sure you connect to a specific channel where your devices are connected to. Some of the channels we’ve featured before include the LG Smartphone Channel, Lifelog Channel by Sony, and Android Battery Channel.

SOURCE: Google