We’ve told you about the Lawnchair project before – through the efforts of some enterprising developer, you’re now able to experience Google’s Pixel-style launcher (the original, and not the one on Pixel 2) on any modern Android device. Now Lawnchair has gotten accepted officially into the Google Play Store.

Lawnchair was the idea of developer Till Kottmann, sharing some knowledge with Amir Zaidi and his “Rootless Pixel Launcher” project which was created parallel with Lawnchair. It basically brings most of the features of the original Pixel Launcher to any Android device that would accept the installation of the APK installer. This includes the integrated Google Now page and the search function.

As we said, if you wanted this launcher, you’d have to sideload it before via an APK installer. Now the Lawnchair Launcher is available via the Play Store as an “unreleased app”, which just means that Google is warning you of some instabilities that this app might have.

Regardless, the app is now available on the Play Store, which means more people can get to it. If you’ve ever thought of using the Pixel Launcher, now is the right time to do it. Download the Lawnchair Launcher app via the download link below.

ERRATUM: Updated second paragraph with clarification from Mr. Kottmann.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


  1. The Project is NOT based on amir’s rootless Pixel Launcher, back when he created his project we were both working on our own projects, but we shared our knowledge with each other. When he decided to create the rootless Launcher I’ve already been working on Lawnchair for over a month.


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