Someone has finally done it, with some limitations of course, but still – you can now just install this ported Pixel Launcher for any device, without the need for root access. It used to be that using any form of a ported Pixel Launcher required root to be able to use it. But thanks to this port, you won’t need root for installing this.

This bloke on Reddit who goes by the handle “AmirZ” did something cool – this was releasing a port of the Pixel Launcher that you can just up and install on any device, without root. When regular users install the APK file of the Pixel Launcher, they usually get a gimped version of the app that refuses to let them use exclusive features like the Google Now panel and G Search Pill that only works when running as a system app.

AmirZ teamed up with another developer named “DeleteScape” to give us this port of the Pixel Launcher that now has those specific features enabled without root. In fact, after two updates, most of the important features are now working.

You can check out the app, and the developer’s conversations with users via the source link below. If you like the Pixel Launcher, this might be the closest way to get it without having to buy a Google Pixel smartphone.

SOURCE: Reddit


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