For phones with funky Android skins, there’s pretty much nothing you can do short of installing a custom ROM – especially if you’re a fan of stock Android. This is especially true for phones made by Chinese manufacturers, who seem to have very different tastes. So launchers that emulate stock Android are very helpful. In this respect, the “no root” Pixel launcher was a hit. If you want a resource friendly alternative – try this new one called “LaunchEnr”.

If you have a phone made by Xiaomi or Meizu or even Huawei, you will probably miss the stock Android so much, especially if you’re a big fan of AOSP-based ROMs. For what it did, Lawnchair – the “no root” effort to bring the Pixel launcher to other phones – was a boon to such users, but was pretty resource intensive on older phones.

Enter “LaunchEnr”, a lightweight launcher based on AOSP’s launcher3 look. It has a few features for customization, but basically gives you the modern look on stock Android. And for what it wants to do, the launcher is actually good. It’s still in beta, so it has a few bugs, but if you want a lightweight AOSP-based launcher, this one is a good option.

Check out the official XDA thread via the source link below, to download the installer and to interact with the developer. It’s still in beta, so he will need all the feedback he can get for this launcher.