The rain of Sony‘s apps just keeps on coming. After several rounds of apps coming from the Xperia Z2 meant for other Xperia devices, we have another batch of apps, this time ported for more generic availability, to some extent.

Barely a month after the Xperia Z2 was unveiled to the public, some rather enterprising developers have started extracting those Sony-exclusive apps and distributing them, initially compatible only with other Sony smartphones. Sony actually also put some of those up on Google Play Store and surprisingly made them available to other brands as well. This latest batch from XDA Senior Member JanM RS takes the latest versions of those apps and puts them up for everyone to enjoy. That is, if they can make them work on your non-Xperia device.

Sony Lifelog has been made available for the public just last month. While it can work with any smartphone, even without a Sony SmartWatch 2, the device must be running Android 4.4. Walkman, Movies, and Album have lower version requirements and seems to work just fine when sideloaded on Galaxy Note 3 running Android 4.4. The Video Unlimited app, unsurprisingly, did not install at all.

Also included are Sony’s camera addons which have an even heavier requirement set. They will only work on Xperia devices, running Android 4.3 or higher, and has the Sony Social Camera app installed. The effects that you can download, should you meet those requirements, are AR-effects with Addons, Background Defocus, Info-eye, Timeshift burst, and Social live. Hit the link below to get a full list of the apps including download links.