The new Xperia Z2 has quite a few features we like, and it seems as though they’re being pushed to other Xperia devices as well. Updates and new features to the newest Xperia flagship will soon be available to legacy models, which is a boon for those not wanting to update. From a simple launcher and widgets to camera features, it looks like the Xperia will feel similar across the lineup.

We will say that not every feature can be ported, so don’t think your Xperia Z will now be as good as a brand new Z2. Some features rely on a more powerful processor or other hardware tweaks made with the newest Xperia Z device. From various XDA forums, and via XperiaBlog, we see the Sony’s fingerprint felt across devices.

The Smart Social Camera is making it’s way to other Xperia devices, as is the new (and really nice) Smart Call Handling feature. The Camera allows for some cool features like Timeshift video, 4K video, and Background defocus (really neat). Smart call handling will do things like automatically answer a call wen you pull the device to your ear, or reject it when you flip the phone on its face.

The other tweaks are really updated apps like the home launcher from the Z2, and a new Walkman app and widget. All the new functions seems to want your device on Android 4.3 and up, so make sure you’re up to date with Sony’s Android schedule before you expect to see any of these features. We hope this means that Sony will start supporting their devices ad hoc, leaving none behind with any of their updates.

Source: XDA