The Galaxy S8 is coming and we heard it will come with a bigger sibling. We’re not expecting an S8 Edge but just this S8 Plus which is obviously a bigger version of the highly anticipated S8 flagship phone. This isn’t the first time we’re learning about a ‘Plus’ variant but we’re excited to see these image renders of what could be the S8 Plus.

We’re certain now that Samsung will not deliver the Galaxy S8 at the Mobile World Congress next month. It will be delayed but we’re not sure when the tech giant will make the announcement. We’ve been hearing of an April launch but there is a possibility that it will be earlier in March or later in June or just in time for Summer.

The recently leaked images show a purported Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. The new images were from a mystery case maker in China. The set was leaked to MobileFun UK, perhaps as a new way to tease the mobile market.

Notice the new button layout. There seems to be a button which we’re guessing is for the Bixby. The latter is the new AI assistant being developed by Samsung as one of the latest major additions to the Galaxy S8. The button can be found on the left side, below the volume rocker. Pressing on it should activate the AI.

On the bottom of the Galaxy S8, you will see a USB-C port. There’s still the 3.5mm headphone jack contrary to what we heard last month. Phone is said to have a dual-camera system for a more impressive imaging power. What’s interesting is the large cutout for where the rear camera is. We don’t think that will be the size of a camera but we’re guessing it’s also for the flash and probably some new sensors. Maybe the fingerprint sensor will be placed at the back panel instead of the home button but it could also be embedded behind the glass front.

The screen part appears to have very small bezels so we can expect a bigger and almost bezel-less front display.