The HTC Droid Incredible 4G is pretty much a done deal at this point; all we really want to know is when Verizon will release it and for how much. But there’s at least one surprise left for the mid-range LTE phone, and Reddit user Krimit04 found it when talking to a surreptitious Verizon rep. When he popped off the battery cover, he spotted the unmistakable electrical ribbons coming out of an NFC chip. Just don’t expect Google Wallet to come pre-loaded on the Verizon device.

He then tested out Ice Cream Sandwich’s Android Beam feature, and found that it works without a hitch. Other details noted by the Verizon representative were a QHD screen and an available extended battery, which will launch with the DROID Incredible 4G. The HTC MediaLink was also on display, with a rough release date of “May” – that could mean we’ll see the latest Incredible next month.

The DROID Incredible 4G is shaping up to be a modified version of the HTC One S, with (from what we can tell) a similar Snapdragon S4 processor, 4.0-inch screen, and Ice Cream Sandwich with Sense 4.0. Some of the changes include a plastic body with a removable battery, a smaller 8GB capacity plus an empty SD card slot, and of course access to Verizon’s LTE network. These changes have made the design considerably chunkier than the One S at 11.6 millimeters.

[via Phandroid]