Along with their new phones and sleek cases, HTC has another exciting option they are bringing to the table with HTC Media Link HD. This neat accessory is basically a Wifi-Direct device that allows the user to easily connect their HTC phone to their TV. This isn’t a dock your phone must connect and be attached to, and it does more than just mirroring. It works over WiFi and offers dual-screen mode. Check it out after the break.

This essentially makes the HTC One series into a multitasking workhorse. Being WiFi-direct you’ll be able to relax on the couch and check Twitter, update Facebook, send messages and whatever else you do while the HTC Media Link HD streams a movie in the background to your 60″ LED TV. Sounds awesome right? Not only that but this brings full screen browsing to your TV, and you can quickly check a text, or shoot off an email and start right back where you were without missing a beat. It’s like a dock without having to be attached to anything (except the TV of course).

We saw this briefly at Mobile World Congress while HTC announced the One series but weren’t able to truly enjoy it. Hook up an HDMI and set it by your TV, the rest is wireless. Today in Seattle HTC is showing off the Media Link HD using third party apps too. While I’m sure this will be limited, the option to stream something like NFL Mobile to the TV while I still can use my phone would be epic. This third party API is still being developed by HTC Dev and isn’t ready for the masses yet, but we can’t wait to try it out once fully available. Check out the video demo below:

HTC Media Link HD will stream video in 720p and will basically enable a dual-screen mode for true multitasking during work, or play. So what do you guys think? Is this a must-have accessory, or something those with the need will want to pickup once available? I love it personally.