After repeatedly teasing the functionality, and probably receiving endless questions, Koush, or Koushik Dutta, has finally announced a beta version of his Mirror for Android app. The highlight of this release is, of course, the ability to mirror a user’s Android device to a TV via Chromecast.

Koush first unveiled the Mirror app as a way for Android users to mirror their devices to Apple TVs. However, when Google finally officially released the Cast SDK, Koush was one of the first to jump on adding Chromecast support to his apps. He eventually teased Android mirroring using Chromecast not once but twice. Naturally, Chromecast owners have been teased and became interested, and now Koush is giving in to inquiries.

This latest beta version of Mirror finally brings that feature to users, at least those who have signed up for the beta. It is still, however, in what Koush calls a super beta state, so expect bugs and issues to crop up. That said, the screen mirroring is sent not just to Chromecast but also to Chrome.

There are, however, some very hard requirements, which should be hopefully temporary. The Chrome and Chromecast mirroring actually only works from a Nexus 5 because it is the only device currently in the market that sports a hardware VP8 encoder. Secondly, the app still requires root access, though Koush says that should be resolved in the future. Users interested in testing out Mirror, whether for the Chromecast mirroring or other features, need to first join the CWM community and sign up for the beta.

SOURCE: +Koush