Koush took to his Google+ page last week offering a meme-style image teasing Android to Chromecast mirroring. Given what we have seen from Koush in the past, there really wasn’t much reason to think he couldn’t, or wasn’t working on such functionality. But at the same time, all he was offering was that meme-style image asking “what if I told you…I could mirror Android to Chromecast.”

Well, it seems the follow-up teasing has arrived. This latest is in video form, and once again has been posted on his Google+ page. The video is on the shorter side, measuring in at just about a minute in length. And for what this is worth, we do forgive him for showing this functionality using ‘that’ game. You know, Flappy Bird, the one we are now trying to put in the back of our memories.

But that aside, it seems this video shows the functionality many have been waiting for. The ability to mirror anything from their Android device to their Chromecast. The appears to be a bit of lag, but otherwise, the video seems to be doing the job — of teasing. That is to say it leaves us wanting to know more. Not to mention, to be able to do this ourselves.

Anyway, Koush has yet to offer anything in terms of an ETA for arrival. He also hasn’t said anything in terms of whether this would be added to the existing AllCast app, or if this would be a completely new app. With that in mind, we are hoping to see this arrive as an update to AllCast — after all, as was pointed out by commenter Michael Wilhoyt, this would be fitting for the ALL in the AllCast name.

SOURCE: Google+ (Koushik Dutta)