We’ve discussed the Kodi app before – it was named XBMC before that – so if you haven’t heard of it, read up here, here, and here. The app is one of the more robust media software suites out there, and it will run on almost any platform – Windows, Mac, Android, even on a Linux-based RaspberryPi. But the Android app has experienced slow progress until today, where it now gets an auto-update feature coming from the Google Play Store.

On an Android platform, you usually had to sideload the “apk” executable so that you can run Kodi – well that stops today. This feature, with the auto-updates just like any other app, will be available for you if you go through the steps given here.

First, you should register yourself as a member of the Kodi Beta or Alpha group. The Beta release is the more stable one, while the Alpha group gets the latest builds. Search for the registration links via the source link below.

Then lastly, you will have to download the installer from the Google Play Store – link also provided at the source – so that you can have the app update automatically. Go to the source link and get cracking.

SOURCE: Reddit