For you to be familiar with Yatse, you have to first be acquainted with XBMC – recently renamed to “Kodi” for copyright and legal reasons. Kodi is one of the most complete media player suites out there, bar none. That is the reason for its popularity in the media enthusiast community, but it’s about time that you get to know it as well. Yatse is the remote app that brings it all together, and it just got recently updated with some Material Design aesthetics.

Firstly, to introduce Kodi is to introduce a media software suite that can practically do anything multimedia related and be extremely efficient at it. Throw what you want at it – movies, music, games, photos – it will handle it. It is also runs on almost any platform – from Windows to Android, and even on Linux platforms like the RaspberryPi.


The Yatse remote app has been updated and the update builds on the already impressive experience that Kodi provides. The app started as just a simple remote app, but has evolved to become a superb media managing app for devices without standard inputs. Now it has slick features like voice commands, offline playback and library, video streaming with UPnP/AirPlay/Chromecast and even full support for Android Wear.

If you want to try out Kodi, don’t forget to download Yatse for your device. The Material Design feel now blends it in with the Android 5.0 environment, so everything seems to be good, aesthetically as well.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store