One of the strategies game developers use these days for their game to get noticed is mash up genres. This gives users a lot more to think about, and they become a lot more engaged in the game. In some cases, it actually makes the game a lot more interesting than one that sticks to one genre alone. We recommend that you test out this new game called “Knights Fall” to see if it falls under the “interesting” category.

Knights Fall is the first game made by Carbon Eyed, and it’s their take on an action puzzle game, with RPG and check it out, some pinball elements as well. Sounds like an interesting mash up of genres, right? But what this actually results in is that you are firing hordes of your soldiers at unsuspecting enemy soldiers to crush them into oblivion.

You actually unlock heroes along the way, and you level them up like in a normal RPG to get them stronger and use them against more difficult challenges. If you noticed from the trailer above, the game actually looks like you’re playing a strategy game, but in fast forward.

Check out the game via the download link below, and see if you’re up to the challenge. There is some good feedback about this game already, so let us know if you like it.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


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