Highly-acclaimed game Unmechanical arrives on Android

Puzzle-based games are dime-a-dozen, so it’s particularly exciting to see one receive as much acclaim as Teotl Studios’ “Unmechanical”. The game has received the Best Game award at the Brazilian International Games Festival and the Best Artistic Achievement award at Nordic Game Awards. But what’s more exciting is that it has now landed in the Android gaming sphere – beginning its life on Steam and then moving to iOS before actually getting here.

Snap Attack word-building tournament comes to Android

People who love word puzzles, are highly-competitive, and who have Android smartphones, listen up: Microsoft Studios has a new game especially for you. Snap Attack is the newest word-building tournament that doesn’t just let you prove that you’re a wordsmith that types fast but even lets you compete with people from around the world, who like you, would like to prove that they’re the best at this mobile game.

Weekend Gaming: Slydris – a puzzle game with a twist

For your gaming this holiday weekend we wanted to find something a little unique, and fun, that you can enjoy for hours and hours. We stumbled across Slydris, a highly entertaining Tetris-like game for iOS. The popular iOS developers RadianGames have begun bringing their awesome titles to Android, and this is their latest one. If you love a good puzzle game, it's worth checking out.

Classic puzzle game 7×7 hits Google Play [Hands-on]

For those Classic 5 or Bejeweled fans we have an awesome and beautifully designed new puzzle game for Android to share with you all today. It's called 7x7 and was just recently launched in the Google Play Store this week. Just like Classic 5 and other puzzle games it's extremely easy to understand, but gets very addicting as you go along.

Angry Birds creators new game Amazing Alex hits the Play Store

In case you haven't heard, Rovio Mobile is wandering into other aspects of gaming and leaving the flying birds and angry pigs behind. Today they've released their first game without those Angry Birds and it's called Amazing Alex. With a similar physics-based gameplay this puzzle game has some huge potential, although I doubt we'll see Amazing Alex plush toys for sale like we do those Angry Birds -- but who knows.

Dark Nebula tilt puzzle game arrives for Android

If you're a fan of those tilt puzzle games more widely known as labyrinth games you'll surely want to check this out. The popular Dark Nebula - Episode One has just arrived in the Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets and is still one of my classic favorites. It was released on iOS at least 3 years ago and was always a good time waster, and now Android users can enjoy it too.

Namco brings Puzzle Quest 2 to Android

Looking for something a little more low-key after you blast your way through Shadowgun? One of the strangest and most-loved portable titles in recent years is coming to the Android Market, and if you're a fan of either puzzle games or role playing games, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Puzzle Quest 2, originally released on the Nintendo DS last year, combines a meandering swords and sorcery story with, well, puzzles. It's basically Final Fantasy meets Bejeweled... no, wait, keep reading!

Motorola Droid Solves a Rubik’s Cube Thanks to LEGO Robot [Video]

It’s safe to say that we can file this under the totally cool category of robots. This little invention uses a Droid to solve a Rubik’s Cube. We’ve all tried to solve this thing and one point or another in our life and those of us that didn’t move the colored stickers around probably failed. This robot accomplishes the feat in a matter of seconds.

Sprint Announcing The EVO And New Data Plans Tomorrow?

An internal document was just leaked to the guys over at mobilecrunch. This document states that there will be a companywide meeting that outlines April marketing plans but, rumor has it that this will be no ordinary meeting. Some are calling it a top secret companywide mandatory meeting. The EVO wasn’t specifically mentioned in the document but let’s piece together this puzzle and see what we can make out it.