High Rise is a tricky stacking game for casual gamers

If you like your casual games based on your skill on tapping your screen at exact, precise moments, then this might be your lucky day. “High Rise” is a casual arcade puzzle game made by Nickervision Studios, and finds its influences in the classics like Tetris and the classic Nokia game Tower Bloxx. Let’s see if you’re skillful enough to take this on.

Sunburn! challenges you to gather missing crew on your way to the sun

Noodlecake Studios always have something new and exciting games to offer. That is why a lot of games from the developer are always included in several Humble Bundle promos already. A new one entitle 'Sunburn!' will challenge you to gather your crew that has been scattered after the ship went missing. To be able to do that, you need to jump into the sun and see where your shipmates have been.

Languinis: Match and Spell is a hybrid puzzle game

We started out with Tic Tac Toe, and probably thought we hit the apex of the “match 3” gameplay of the puzzle game when we encountered games such as Zuma and Bejeweled. But lo and behold, them puzzle games are still here – and they have mutated. “Languinis: Match and Spell” is a puzzle game, but it is also a word game.

City 2048 is a puzzle game, but without the numbers

If you actually liked the idea of the super popular number puzzle game 2048, but in reality, you actually strongly dislike numbers, then you're in luck. A new game that is based on the premise of 2048 has hit Google Play Store and is ready to conquer your mobile devices. But instead of looking at numbers, you'll actually be building a city and growing your property until you make a huge metropolis.

Puzzle meets RPG in Dungeon Link, now on Android

If you like either puzzle games or role-playing ones, or both, then games that combine the two should be catnip to a mobile gamer like you. Dungeon Link is a new Android game that looks simple on paper, a bit more complicated based on the back story, but ultimately, should be a fun time-filler based on the graphics and gameplay. Combining two of the most popular kinds of games and adding a social element to it should pique the interest of those looking for a new game to play.

Explore a new world of poker in Swords & Poker Adventures

Seeing swords and a poker game being combined together isn't surprising and some geeks at Konami are taking advantage of how fun it would be by releasing the Swords & Poker Adventures game for Android. You can practice your poker skills with this if you want a quick poker game fix. This isn't just any game of poker as you have to beat ugly monsters along the way. It's a free puzzle game but in-app purchases are offered.

Solve puzzles and avoid deadly “Beams” in new Android game

Who knew that colored beams could actually be dangerous to your health? We're speaking digitally and mentally of course. A new Android game will test not just your shape and color coordination but also help you make the correct decision on whether or not to actually fulfill the game's goal if it means creating something that can destroy others. Again, this is speaking digitally and not actual destruction. Are you ready to play Beam?

Make a word, save some people in Highrise: Word Heroes

Word games are always fun. Well, if you're the type who likes to play around with letters, spellings, and all the other things word smiths enjoy. But do you know what can make it even more fun? If your word forming talent is actually the only thing keeping several people from impending doom! This is the basic premise of Highrise: Word Heroes, where the words you form can actually save lives, even if they are pixelized, digital ones.
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