Witness the magic of fairy potions in Fairy Mix match-three game

Any match-at-least-three puzzle you can find on Google Play Store can be easy to finish. The difficulty lies on different challenges presented, making each level more exciting than ever. Don't say Fairy Mix is an easy game because you need to mix and match those fairy potions to fight the evil witch. You are Jinny, the little sorceress who's been tasked to destroy the evil witchcraft.

Unite all colors of differently shaped blocks in Blockwick 2

Blockwick 2 Basics is one easy puzzle game that is full of colorful blocks that you need to move around. Main objective of the game is to unite the same colors by unscrambling the other blocks. There are up to 160 puzzles that you need to master and finish. You can't take out a block from the box, just move around the other blocks to give way and finally connect the similar colors.

Prison Escape Puzzle will test your escaping skills

If you find yourself in prison, I'm sorry but there's nothing we can do to help. You're on your own now but you have the power to escape from prison by finding some items and solving the puzzles in this game called Prison Escape Puzzle. It's another addictive and fun puzzle game that will challenge your wits and skills.

Fly up to the mountain top with Amigo Pancho

Hello, amigo! Amigo Pancho has finally landed on Google Play after three years of being exclusive to the rival platform. Be ready to take on new adventures as Pancho needs to get on to the top of the mountains. He's always like that--going to the highest places anywhere in the world so be ready to fly away.

Feed Me Oil 2 reaches Android shores, brings puzzle-mania

If you enjoyed the genre-defining puzzle game “Feed Me Oil” in 2012 – which entailed you as a player finding ways to put as much oil into the mouth of different mechanical creatures – then you will be happy to know that the sequel by gaming outfit Chillingo has finally arrived for Android. “Feed Me Oil 2” is now available via the Google Play Store.

Unlock interlocking puzzles in new game called … Interlock

When it comes to puzzle games on mobile devices, usually it's either you match things of the same color or kind, or you put things together, or you try to find your way out of mazes and such. But this new game, available now for Android smartphones and tablets, lets you deconstruct the complicated wooden puzzles that are too interlocked with each other that they just need to be pulled apart. And of course, the game's name is Interlock, which is the opposite of what you should be doing.

Beat the clock, fit unique pieces in the right spots in Puzzle Blitz

If you're the type who wants to do anything and race against the clock, try Puzzle Blitz and try solving all those puzzles. It might take you a while though to finish everything because there are more than 450 puzzles to play. You only have three minutes to play so finish as much as you can before time runs out.

Race through hundreds of cheestastic levels in AlphaBetty Saga

King, developer of the popular Farm Heroes Saga and Candy Crush Saga, has got a new social game: AlphaBetty. It's actually the first mobile word game from King that challenges the player's skills and takes you into a new adventure in a crazy mouse world. Meet Alpha, Betty, and Barney and join their quest collect new words to complete the Encyclopedia of Everything.

Epic Eric challenges you to swing, flip, or slide to victory

So many good reviews about Epic Eric and we actually agree with all of them. This new puzzle game is very entertaining and will definitely make you addicted for hours. That little guy dressed in a suit of armour is the hero who will have to save the princess by finishing all the challenges in this platform puzzle game. It's not too complicated because it only requires a one-touch control.
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