Solve puzzles and avoid deadly “Beams” in new Android game

Who knew that colored beams could actually be dangerous to your health? We're speaking digitally and mentally of course. A new Android game will test not just your shape and color coordination but also help you make the correct decision on whether or not to actually fulfill the game's goal if it means creating something that can destroy others. Again, this is speaking digitally and not actual destruction. Are you ready to play Beam?

Make a word, save some people in Highrise: Word Heroes

Word games are always fun. Well, if you're the type who likes to play around with letters, spellings, and all the other things word smiths enjoy. But do you know what can make it even more fun? If your word forming talent is actually the only thing keeping several people from impending doom! This is the basic premise of Highrise: Word Heroes, where the words you form can actually save lives, even if they are pixelized, digital ones.

Slot those blocks in with Bloq Android game

Sometimes, when you want to play a game on your smartphone, you don't need complicated graphics or confusing gameplay just to entertain yourself. All you need is a seemingly simple instruction that will challenge you as the game progresses and may just frustrate you a little bit in order for you to keep going on. Bloq, a new game for Android devices may be the game for you, if what we've just said is your criteria for a great game.

Classic puzzle game Drop7 now “rebooted” for Android

Before people started going crazy over the current incarnation of number puzzle games like 2048 and its ilk, a few years back, there was Drop7. But developer Zynga surprisingly stopped updating or improving it, that is, until now. They have now rebooted the game that was one of the first puzzle game successes, but it seems like not everyone is crazy about the changes they made.

0h n0 is a logic game to tease your brain

Usually, when you use the exclamation, "Oh no!", it's for something fairly unpleasant. But in this case, if you like logic puzzle games, then it will be an utterance of joy every time you solve one because it means you might be running out of games to play. The game is, in fact, called 0h n0, and this is an accompaniment game to last year's 0h h1, another brain teaser to both frustrate and excite you, if you like this sort of thing.

Limbo now out to scare the beejeezus out of Android users

If you think that side-scrolling monochromatic mobile games will not be able to give you nightmares, then maybe you haven't met Limbo yet. The award-winning game has been wrecking lives of console and PC gamers for the past years, and now, it is now ready to scare the crap out of mobile gamers as Limbo is now available for Android smartphones and tablets.

Button Up! is another good, addictive fun puzzle game

Cute as a button. That's how I would describe this new puzzle app called Button Up. The colors and graphics are easy on the eyes but game is a bit confusing at first. I didn't understand the pattern I'm supposed to follow to blast the buttons and drop the yarn initially. Main goal is to drop the yarn in time by creating the perfect pattern. It's not your usual match-the-similar-objects-to-finish-off-a-level because you need to know the correct pattern.

Draw a single line in Unium’s minimalist puzzle game

"Simple concept, complex solution." This is what the developers of this new Android game had in mind when creating this, not to torture those who will be playing it, but simply to play around the idea that even the simplest things can become a challenge. Unium's goal is for you to draw a straight line in a grid with tiles, but just like life, nothing is that easy.

Go crazy with puzzles in motion in Satellina

It seems like that a lot of mobile developers' mantra these days is the simpler, the better but also more difficult and more addictive. Satellina is the latest one out the door, with its minimalist but pretty design, and a similarly simple gameplay that is easy to understand but difficult to let go, or as their description says, will drive adults to "obsessive lengths".
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