Today Amazon has officially unveiled the new Kindle Fire and already we have a flood of comments coming in regarding all sorts of things from price, availability, and accessories. Shipping November 15th for $199 you can pre-order it now, as well as see our hands-on images here. We should see plenty of accessories soon but for now I’ll just show you a few cases.

Over on we have a few cases already showing up, all set to start shipping on launch day — November 15th. First, shown above, is the Kindle Fire Sleeve for just $29.99 and comes in 5 colors. It will hold your Fire snug in place while keeping it protected. The Kindle Fire does come with a 7″ screen protected by Gorilla Glass but the more protection the better right?

Next up is the MicroShell Folio Case and stand for $39.99 also coming November 15th. Specifically designed for the Kindle Fire it features a hard polycarbonate back piece with a soft protective lid for protection against scratches and impact. Then has a soft fabric lid that folds to function as a stand for easy viewing.

Last and most expensive is the CEO Marware Genuine Leather Case for $44.99 and it also features the same foldable lid that also acts and functions as a stand. Only difference here is everything is genuine leather on the Marware, and it also offers two angles for viewing rather than just one.

These are just a few of the already announced and fully designed specifically for the Kindle Fire accessories. We are sure to see tons of screen protectors, cases, sleeves, docks and more over the coming days and weeks but I figured a round-up of the first few awesome cases would be worth a shout out. I think the MicroShell looks best as it features a hard polycarbonate plastic to fully protect my Fire when it arrives — trust me I’ll be getting one, will you?