Samsung has posted the latest Unpacked teaser video. This one arrives as part 2 and once again features Jeremy Maxwell guarding the secret. In the previous video we saw Jeremy taking, and then leaving the secret meeting. This one picks up with Jeremy entering his home and once again avoiding his little friend and mother.

We still haven’t seen anything solid in terms of what we can expect the Galaxy S4 to be, but we do know that there will be a third installment of this teaser video series. This one measures in at just shy of a minute and a half, but is actually a bit shorter given the beginning kicks off with a reminder of what happened in the first video. What we have in the video is basically just a bunch of teasing. Jeremy mentions that what is in the box is “pretty irresistible” and states that it will “blow you” away.

He also calls it “beautiful” and says that it is his “favorite color.” One interesting aspect is that the color of his tie matches the colors on the box. Not the ‘power tie’ from the end, but the tie he is wearing in the rest of the video. Otherwise, if you want to really take a deep dive into speculation, the end does suggest a bigger phone. The mother says this is his big day and then Jeremy repeats the phrase big day two times. But really, that thought is probably just based on the previous rumors which have already pegged the Galaxy S4 as having a bigger display (as compared to the Galaxy S III).–jog

Either way, we still have at least one more of these Unpacked teasers to look forward to seeing and then of course, the official announcement will be happening on March 14. With most of the specs having been discussed, lets ask the next question — who thinks that Jeremy will be the one to walk the Galaxy S4 out onto the stage? With all the focus Samsung seems to be putting on him, it almost seems like they have to.