IK Multimedia are the purveyors of the iRig line of digital audio interfaces for Android, so you can easily connect your guitar or musical instrument to your Android device for recording or for effects processing. Now they’re back with the iRig Recorder 3 which specifically gives your videos better audio, so you can publish immediately.

If you’re a budding YouTube artist – or if you just post your music videos on social media – the iRig Recorder 3 will be ideal for you. The software is designed to give you better audio for your video, interviews, concerts, podcasts and music videos. You can record your video directly from the app, and then use the app’s audio post processing to give you better audio for your video.

The iRig Recorder 3 has up to 17 professional effects such as Normalize, Stereo Imager, Compressor and 3-band EQ as well as creative audio effects such as Morph, Reverb, Chorus and Delay. You can also export the video to the cloud so you can edit it from a third-party editing software.

Here’s the great deal – the iRig Recorder 3 is available free via the Google Play Store. You can immediately record video, optimize volume (you have to register for this, but that’s free as well), and share your video from the app. For the effects packages, they are available as in-app purchases from USD$1.00 to USD$3.00.

SOURCE: IK Multimedia