Who says you need to spend a fortune to make your guitar sound extra good? Of course you need talent to begin with, but with the right gear, you can make yourself sound even better. At least, that’s what this new app wants to happen with you, your guitar, and the soon-to-arrive iRig UA. The AmpliTube UA app turns your Android smartphone into a professional-sounding guitar and bass amp multi-effects processor, much like what a physical guitar rig would actually sound like.

You’ll get virtual amplifiers carefully recreated from the “real” ones, stompbox effects, cabinets (not furniture, but real guitarists would know what this is), and other guitar effects, all from just your smartphone. Connect your guitar to your iRig, then connect your iRig to your smartphone, and voila, instant guitar rig for your semi-professional gig at a party, for practicing for your next recording or even for just your personal use at home. The app comes with 21 pieces of gear, including 9 effects: Noise Filter, Delay, Overdrive, Wah, Chorus, Flanger, Phazer and Octave. You need to be an iRig UA user however, and you even get Distortion if you register for the first time.


The app will also give you 5 amplifiers, each with their matching cabinets: Lead, Clean, Bass, Crunch and Metal. If you need to mic your set-up, you also get two microphones, dynamic and condenser. You can even expand your gear with in-app purchases from various brands like Fender®, Orange®, Ampeg®, Soldano®, etc. AmpliTube also gives you exclusive content from their Slash and Jimi Hendrix collections.


While you can use the app on its own, but without audio-in (just as a “dry” audio demo), it is still best if you pair it with the iRig UA, which will be available in the market for $99.99 by May 2015, but can be pre-ordered on the IK online store now. The AmpliTube UA app is free to download from the Google Play Store, but there are in-app purchases available.


SOURCE: Ik Multimedia