Facebook is having an event today and the focus is all on Instagram. While we are already seeing some details in terms of the new features that will be available later today, there were also some interesting numbers mentioned and this post is all about those numbers.

To begin with, Facebook acquired Instagram about a year ago and it was said the team has grown since. It was said the Instagram team is now three times the size they were at the time of the acquisition. Aside from a growth in the size of the team, it looks like the users have also increased. There are now 130 million active users.

Looking back for some comparison, back in late-February the company shared how they had reached 100 million active users. Bottom line here, it looks like Instagram has had decent growth since February. Plus, with new features such as what we are seeing today (Video on Instagram), it seems likely they will continue to grow moving forward.

Otherwise, it was also said that Instagram is now seeing 16 billion images being shared and 1 billion likes every day. Perhaps more important than the numbers though, the new feature — Video on Instagram. This looks to be very similar to Vine. Or more specifically, it looks like it is arriving as an improved version of Vine.

While we have a detailed Video on Instagram post already live on the site, some of the feature highlights include video that can be up to 15 seconds in length and then touched up with any of the 13 new filters. Users will also be able to customize the cover frame which basically means the default image doesn’t have to be the beginning of the video.


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