We have seen a few coming soon style teasers in terms of Vine for Android and as of today there is a bit of good news for anyone that may have been waiting. Vine for Android has been officially announced and the app will be available from the Play Store today. Similar to Vine for iOS, Android users will be able to create those 6-second looping videos. Of course, the Vine app will also allow you to share those videos as well as watch those from other users.

The Vine app will be available for those running Android 4.0 or later and is said to have “many of the features that more than 13 million people have grown to love.” Further details tell the story of an Android app that may not have all the same qualities as the iOS app. The folks at Vine have said the app is launching today, but that it will not be perfectly in sync with the iOS app.

Looking at the positive side here, Vine has launched for Android and the app has brought goodies to include the ability to Find Friends as well as sharing by way of Twitter. Android users have also gotten one feature the iOS users have yet to see. That feature is the ability to zoom. The one catch with the zoom feature, it was said this will be limited to devices that support it. There was also mention of an “improved” offline browsing experience.

Otherwise, looking forward and Vine for Android users should be seeing “frequent updates” over the “coming weeks.” Some of the upcoming goodies will include sharing over Facebook as well as front-facing camera support, search, mentions, hashtags, bug fixes and other performance improvements.

All said and done, while it is nice to see Vine launching for Android, it is looking like these future updates will be more than welcomed once they arrive. That being said, Vine for Android is available by way of the Google Play Store and we are looking forward to doing some playing as well as seeing what kind of looping videos the Android community will bring to the party.

SOURCE: Vine Blog, Google Play Store