Today, Facebook‘s own Mark Zuckerberg took the stage to announce what they’ve been calling a “new product” for the past few days. We’ve been wondering and reporting on rumors, but can now confirm exactly what they’ve been working on. Updates to Instagram! Facebook has just announced they’ll be one-upping Vine with their own 15 second video clips for Instagram. Get ready for those short clips covered in more Instagram filters folks.

Just like we reported last week, Facebook has brought more features to Instagram to make it more than just a photo-based social network, but a tool to capture and enjoy moments forever. It inspires people to be creative, myself included (yes, I’ll admit it) and it’s going to only get better. Mark Zuckerberg said Instagram as a product “is only just getting started” and this is the first step in what’s next.

Vine on Instagram! No, not really, but basically. Today the co-creator of Instagram himself took the stage and confirmed that Instagram has received video. Not just 6 seconds either, they’ve one-upped Vine completely and allow up to 15 seconds. Which you can instantly share with your friends. Oh, and starting today they’ve added 13 new filters exclusively for video. Filters evolved!

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 10.26.39 AM

Not only is Instagram getting video, 13 new filters for video only, but they’ve added the option for a custom “cover image”. Which means you can choose what the cover image looks like, it isn’t just the first seconds of the video clip. This will make Instagram for video beautiful, and of course all 130 million users can see it, and watch in awe.

So, do you use Instagram? Will this make you come back to the Facebook-owned app and ditch Vine? Let us know. Vine still needs some serious help with their Android app, and we have a feeling Instagram has it polished from the beginning. Stay tuned for more details.


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