There’s no doubt developers have caught on that making their application(s) Android compatible opens up doors of revenue and mass exposure. However, there are a couple popular applications that haven’t quite made it over yet – and of them Instagram is sought after by many. We’ve known about their plans to make it Android compatible for quite some time, but how much longer will we have to wait?

Instagram may be hitting Android soon, and from the snapshot below I’d say very soon. This message popped up on a member’s Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 over at InFlexWeTrust. However, when he went to download the file, the Android Market link was broken. Could we really be seeing two great iOS apps converted to Android in the same month? The highly anticipated game Temple Run should launch on Android shorty as well.

In many cases, Instagram is one of the few apps that can actually sway a person to purchase an iPhone over Android. Sure there are alternatives like PicPlz and Snapbucket – but they’re not Instagram. Application software is becoming universally compatible at such a rapid rate, it will be soon be a hardware game alone for manufactures. Keep your eyes peeled in the Android Market, and let us know right when you spot it!

[via AndroidGuys]