We reported in early February that Android was going to be getting in-app billing this quarter. That would mean that you could call in those Eagles in Angry Birds if you want and buy up all sorts of upgrades using real money as you play some of your favorite games. The downside to in-app billing as some other smartphone users have found out is that you can rack up a bill fast if the charges aren’t made clear.

Android Developers has announced that in-app billing is ready to test for the Android platform. The new service will be launching next week. To get ready for the launch Android Developers has opened up the Android Market for upload and end-to-end testing of apps that use in-app billing. The apps can be uploaded to the Developer Console and a catalog of the in-app purchases and prices charged can be set up.

The devs can then set up an account and test out the in-app purchases. The purchases will act just as they will in the real world during testing. The apps won’t be pushed to users until the service launched fully next week.