In case you didn’t know, the most popular photo-sharing and hosting site around has officially launched their app for Android. Imgur has been running private and closed betas for their app, and we’ve mentioned it a few times in the past. However, this morning they finally announced the app, and it’s in the Play Store available to all.

Previously it was a closed beta available to a select few, and then at the end of May it hit the Play Store but sadly was region restricted to Australia only. Now just a few weeks later they’ve finished up beta testing, ironed out the bugs, and released it for all.

Imgur is now available in the Play Store, works in the US, and shows as compatible with ALL of my Android devices. And I own… a lot. Not only can you enjoy the endless fun of photos (both safe and NSFW) with their gallery and widgets, but you can instantly upload photos on any Android device. Here’s the full list of what’s new:

* new widget
* saves scroll position on galleries
* image info in drop down
* share is on the header
* ads have been added
* swipe is improved
* moved sign in and edit image/album menu to be their own pages

Sadly, just like many of the Play Store comments have mentioned (and their what’s new notes), we can confirm the latest version has introduced ads to the app. So that’s a downer. They weren’t present during the beta, but someone needs to pay for the new features and fully available app.

Get the newly available for all Imgur photo-sharing app on Android from the link below. We’re hearing iOS will get it too, whenever Apple approves it. Have fun and don’t go too crazy on Reddit or those other forums you frequent.

VIA: Play Store