Get ready to easily and quickly upload all those kitty photos and funny GIF (not jif) images to the popular photo-hosting site Imgur with ease. While there’s been no shortage of similar apps in the Play Store, this is the official Imgur app for Android. It was released back in April for Australia only, but now everyone can get in on the action and easy uploads.

Oddly enough when Imgur released the app back in April it was geo-restricted to Australia only, then later was updated with support for Canada and a few other locations. However today we’re hearing that anyone and everyone will be able to use this as their go-to photo app on Android.

You’ll be able to make galleries of cute kittens, take pictures of weird tings throughout the city and more and instantly upload them to Imgur for Reddit use and more. Again there’s plenty of 3rd party options available, but this comes from Imgur themselves.


It isn’t just about uploading and hosting photos either, because Imgur has one of the largest communities on the web that are amazingly quick with funny viral photos and more. So instead of just uploading images you can also keep up with the latest pictures, news, viral photos and more. So here’s the features for those also viewing Imgur and not uploading photos.

• Browse the most viral images on the Internet
• Comment and vote on images
• Upload straight from your phone
• Manage your account
• Submit images directly to the Imgur gallery

I’m pretty sure the first photo I ever uploaded to Imgur was of my Goldendoodle puppy Chloe. What about you guys? Get it from the link below and go crazy.

SOURCE: Play Store, AP