The most popular photo hosting site that is probably everyone’s favorite has finally arrived for Android. While there’s no shortage of Imgur apps in the Google Play Store, today they’ve released their very own official app for Android. It’s a limited beta for now, and appears to only work in Australia, but we can expect it to be available for all soon.

Get ready to host those viral photos, make galleries of cute kittens and more to share with Reddit, or any other site for that matter. After using 3rd party apps that struggled for far too long, Imgur has their very own official app for Android. It’s about time they release their own!

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.33.57 AM

It isn’t just about uploading and hosting photos either, as Imgur has one of the largest communities on the web that are amazingly quick to post photos of anything and everything. Something in the news or a crazy event happened in Sports, most likely Imgur already has a better image uploaded from the community. So here’s the features for those also viewing Imgur and not uploading photos.

• Browse the most viral images on the Internet
• Comment and vote on images
• Upload straight from your phone
• Manage your account
• Submit images directly to the Imgur gallery

Everything that is offered on their site is now readily available for your Android smartphone and tablet. For now the limited beta is only in Australia, but hopefully it will be released for the mass public in a matter of a few days. I know a few million Reddit users that will be extremely excited to see this. So, head to the Play Store to get it and we’ll update once it launching for all.

Play Store link

[via Android Police]