It’s about time. The officers over at Android Police have uncovered some code that indicates Ice Cream Sandwich phones starting with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be able to take screenshots without any additional software or rooting. The addition is a long time coming – while screenshot capabilities have technically been a part of Android since its beginning, it’s always been a bit of hassle. The new process will allow any user to take a screenshot by pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time.

To be fair, it’s always been possible to take a screenshot even without root by using the Android SDK, and manufacturers like HTC and Samsung allow some of their phones to take advantage of the process without connecting to a computer. As of now screenshot apps like ShootMe require rooting, and some custom ROMS including CyanogenMod include the feature in its base code. But with Ice Cream Sandwich, easily accessible screenshots will be availalble for all users – which, frankly, is one of the only iPhone features that I’ve been truly jealous of for some time.

Android 4.0 is the belle of the ball in Hong Kong tonight, when Google takes the stage to unveil Ice Cream Sandwich running on Samsung’s Nexus Prime. Earlier today Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo confirmed a November release (for Japan, anyway) and set months of rumored specs to rest. Join us at 10PM EST tonight for all the breaking news, or let it come to you by following @Androids on Twitter.


  1. Almost still impossible to take a screenshot on the Galaxy Nexus- buggy as hell and only works 1 out of 10 times. I’m sorry but iphone is still years ahead of the buggy mess that is android.
    Very dissilusioned new Galaxy nexus owner.


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