It’s good that the guys at Humble Bundle have not run out of ways to give you great deals on games while making money for legit charitable causes. This time they’re serving up a Humble Mobile Bundle – and you can basically pay what you want to get these games – made in Korea.

Pay a dollar or more and you get the first tranche of games – the retro shoot-em-up game “I.F.O.”, and the stealth action game “the SilverBullet”. Pay more than the average – which right now is at USD$5.01 – and you unlock two more games as well as getting the first group. This includes the survival game called “Dim Light”, and the unique puzzle-slash-platformer mashup “Sally’s Law”.

Now if you pay USD$5.00 and above, you will probably get that first two tranches plus more games – the award-winning point-and-click game “Replica”, a unique action game called “Redden”, and a platformer in “6180 the moon”.

Of course, you can also pick which charity your money goes to, when you make purchase. This is USD$16.00 worth of games, but you can get ’em all for as low as USD$5.00. Check out the source link below if you’re interested in this Humble Mobile Bundle.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle