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Latest Humble Bundle brings Humongous Mobile games

Time for some Humble Mobile Bundle games again. Such deal is always exciting because of the great games going on sale as part of one bundle. The latest deal is said to be humongous not just because of the popular games included but also because the name of the developer is Humongous.

Humble Bundle 13 is a PC and Android Bundle for you [UPDATED]

Humble Bundle is out now with its thirteenth bundle, and it’s a good one for Android and PC gamers (ok, and Linux as well). It’s a bundle of games that you can either get for Android, or for PC, or for both. And some more good news, it looks like the “pay what you want” scheme is now back.

It’s a Warhammer kind of Humble Bundle for you [UPDATED]

A new Humble Bundle is out, and it’s directed at all of you Warhammer fans out there. By this time, you all know what the guys at Humble Bundle are all about – committed to bringing you games on the cheap while funneling all that gaming money you spent to good causes. And here they come again, their factory line of gaming bundles never seems to end – this time, the bundle is full of Warhammer goodies.

Humble Mobile Bundle brings 8 BulkyPix games

The guys at Humble Bundle are pretty committed to their cause, bringing gamers quality games at low costs and making oodles of money for charities as they do it. We see their commitment in the fact that there’s another Humble Mobile Bundle out, this time featuring at least eight games from game developer BulkyPix.

Humble Mobile Bundle 13 rolls in with six games, more to follow [UPDATED]

We’ve been covering Humble Bundles for a while now that if you are a regular here at Android Community, you probably should already know how it works. The good guys over at Humble Bundle HQ are back with another mobile bundle – Humble Mobile Bundle 13 includes a total of six games (for now), tempting you to give your money, any amount you want, to get games while supporting charity work. Yes, it’s that awesome.

Humble Mobile Bundle 12 is out, includes Monument Valley [UPDATED]

The guys at Humble Bundle are at it again, and they probably won’t stop doing what they’re doing anytime soon. That is, giving you games on the cheap, taking the money you pay and giving it to charity. It’s a great combination, and it works. This time, the outfit is bring us Humble Mobile Bundle 12, which includes the critically acclaimed puzzle game Monument Valley in it.
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