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Humble Mobile Bundle brings 8 BulkyPix games

The guys at Humble Bundle are pretty committed to their cause, bringing gamers quality games at low costs and making oodles of money for charities as they do it. We see their commitment in the fact that there’s another Humble Mobile Bundle out, this time featuring at least eight games from game developer BulkyPix.

Humble Mobile Bundle 13 rolls in with six games, more to follow [UPDATED]

We’ve been covering Humble Bundles for a while now that if you are a regular here at Android Community, you probably should already know how it works. The good guys over at Humble Bundle HQ are back with another mobile bundle – Humble Mobile Bundle 13 includes a total of six games (for now), tempting you to give your money, any amount you want, to get games while supporting charity work. Yes, it’s that awesome.

Humble Mobile Bundle 12 is out, includes Monument Valley [UPDATED]

The guys at Humble Bundle are at it again, and they probably won’t stop doing what they’re doing anytime soon. That is, giving you games on the cheap, taking the money you pay and giving it to charity. It’s a great combination, and it works. This time, the outfit is bring us Humble Mobile Bundle 12, which includes the critically acclaimed puzzle game Monument Valley in it.

Humble Mobile Bundle 11 rolls in with six games, more following [UPDATED]

If you don’t know what the Humble Bundle is all about, we ask you to come out of that rock you’ve been hiding in for this long. The Humble Bundle is not just about giving gamers video games on the cheap, it’s about getting the gamers to give money to great causes and charities – something you wouldn’t have thought possible. Now they’re back with the Humble Mobile Bundle 11 – giving you (initially) 6 games in the bundle, depending on how much you give.

Humble Mobile Bundle features Cartoon Network games [UPDATE]

The great guys over at Humble Bundle have something new for all you mobile and casual gamers out there – presenting the Humble Cartoon Network Mobile Bundle. This is a collection of more than a dozen Cartoon Network game apps available for you at the low, low price of somewhere around USD$8.00.
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